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O’MY! Dairy Free Gelato: Our Story Part II

I am someone who believes that timing is everything. That sentiment was especially true for my start with O’MY. (You can read more about that right here). Allison and I were first introduced to one another when she was gathering consumer feedback for her dairy free dessert concept, while I was phasing out of my position as Director of Product Development and Quality at Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods. Like I said, perfect timing! 

The “Scoop” on O’MY! Dairy Free Gelato

The food start-up environment is so exciting and fun. Having seen so many brands launch and grow during my time in retail, working with a start-up has always been on my career bucket list, and O’MY was a great concept. Besides wanting to start a brainchild of my own one day, I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness, especially the importance of food and its impact on our overall health and well-being. 

My journey began in fourth grade when I would check out cookbooks from the school library. I enjoyed baking and loved sharing my creations with my five siblings. There were many joyous moments when they were gobbling up what I made, but there was no shortage of honest feedback when they didn’t.

As my first unofficial consumer group, their accolades, comments and criticisms helped me understand that our relationship with food is very individualized. We all look at food differently.  What I didn’t know, at the time, was that this would be so important throughout my entire career. Whether I was focused on health and wellness education, marketing, retail merchandising or product development, this sentiment would forever remain with me throughout my work.

O’MY! Dairy Free Gelato Quality Ingredients

Although we all view food differently, there is one thing we almost always have in common – ingredients. Over the years, I’ve learned that simple ingredients are appealing across the board no matter what your tastes. No one is going to argue that they want more “stuff” in their products.

For some, ingredients are not a high priority, but for others it’s absolutely imperative. For me, high quality ingredients are important. They are key to the kinds of products I want to create and work on for O’MY. Afterall, creamy texture, delicious taste and simple ingredients are the foundation for our products. We believe everyone deserves a treat, which is why we also offer allergy-friendly options and lower-sugar/keto friendly selections. I mean, shouldn’t everyone be able to grab a spoon, dig in and celebrate all life has to offer? We do!

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