• 5 Holiday Hosting Tips

    At O’MY we love the holidays and having friends and family gather in our homes and around our tables. This year might look different, but we wanted to share some of our team’s favorite tips from over the years if you do plan on hosting!

  • Grab extra herbs:

    If you can’t find flowers that you like for the table use herbs and put them in small vases. They are more easily found in grocery stores, more reasonably priced, and smell great! – Allison

  • Leverage substitutions:

    As you think about the traditional recipes that you’ll likely prepare this holiday season it’s hard to know how to make versions that your friends and family with dietary preferences or allergies can have given that butter is a key holiday ingredient. Do you know about Earth Balance? It’s a vegan butter substitute that comes in stick and tub format so that you only need to make one version of stuffing that everyone can enjoy, and no one will notice the difference! – Heather

  • Limit dishes:

    Cooking IN what you will use to serve means less dishes! Plus beautiful cookware makes for a gorgeous and non-traditional addition to your table, I love to throw a cast iron in the mix too! – Morgan

  • Make your own sundaes:

    It’s fun for everyone to have a serve yourself sundae bar for dessert. Include both seasonal fruit and new toppings like coconut chips along with festive sprinkles and whipped topping for individual creations that are fun conversation starters. -Allison

  • Lighten the load:

    If you know your guests have a food or beverage they like to bring, incorporate that into your menu planning from the start and ask them if they would bring it. It will make them feel appreciated, and it will lighten your hosting duties! – Allison

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