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Believe Again with O’MY Dairy-Free Gelato

Believe Again with O'My Dairy

Because we believe

…you deserve a taste of tasty, again.
…you should get scooped up in creamy, again.
…you need delicious that means licking the spoon, licking the carton, licking the top, satisfaction again….

… Believe again with O’MY!

There is a famous quote that says life begins over again with the summer and we could not agree more. The summer season is all about backyard BBQs, beach days, and time spent in the great outdoors soaking in the beauty of Mother Nature. Summer is magical!

Certain times of the year cause many of us to gravitate towards positive memories of the past; it is a natural human tendency, and summer is certainly one of those times. For many, summer is associated with carefree days spent lazily sipping an ice-cold glass of lemonade, hanging out in the backyard hammock while reading a good book or simply catching fireflies at twilight. For many of us, summer represents a simpler time and inspires many of us to believe again.

Believe Again with Food Allergies

Believing again can mean so many different things, but for our co-founder, Allison Monette, believing again centers around dietary choices. Never much of a meat eater, Allison used to eat a lot of dairy as a protein replacement, but one day it occurred to her that her diet was not very balanced- maybe she was eating too much dairy.

As Allison researched dairy-free foods and dairy replacements, she quickly learned that dairy is the most common allergy among young children. This led Allison to start having conversations with family, friends, and neighbors. “I was most impacted by those with one person in their home who could not eat dairy, frequently because of an allergy and I had tremendous empathy for people navigating food allergies.  I have personal experience navigating environmental allergies and asthma with my own boys and the sadness you can feel when you need to remove normal childhood items, like stuffed animals, from their lives in order to keep them healthy.”    

A dietary restriction or food allergy can feel scary and be isolating, which is why our team always thinks of that home where one person cannot have any of the top allergens like dairy and gluten. We want to use high-quality ingredients to create flavors and to produce foods that are really special and can be enjoyed no matter what their dietary preferences, food restrictions, or lifestyle.

We are dedicated to making a simple, dairy-free dessert out of real ingredients because we believe that when you keep it real, not only can you craft something allergy-friendly and better for most dietary needs, you can also enjoy a deliciously smooth and creamy frozen treat. We want people to know that even with a dietary restriction or food allergy, you or your loved one can believe again.

Believing Again During Summer

No matter what your current diet or lifestyle, summertime beckons us to believe again. To look for the beauty that comes from the simple things in life and to find the joy that only summertime activities can present. Summer activities like:

  • Beach days
  • Berry picking at the local strawberry patch
  • Catching fireflies after dinner
  • Hiking in the great outdoors or visiting a national park
  • Picnicking in the community park
  • Shopping the bounty of the local farmers market
  • Making sun tea on the porch
  • Drive-in movies, or throwing up a sheet and projecting a movie in the backyard

Co-Founder, Allison Monette, says one of her favorite simple summertime pleasures is hosting dinner for friends and family on her patio.  “I try to build a meal off of whatever is at the market that day.  My husband enjoys charcoal grilling, so he’ll fire that up and I’ll make a big salad and set a casual table.  I have a collection of tablecloths and napkins in different colors and styles I like to alternate- my go-to sources are Ikea and vintage.  For dessert I like to keep it simple and fresh, serving a bowl of My O’MY Vanilla with fresh cherries.  Somehow our Vanilla Bean flavors really enhance the fresh fruit and make it taste even better.” Yum! Someone pass us a spoon, please.

Take these seemingly simple summertime moments and transform them into celebratory moments. After all, we believe in grabbing a spoon, digging in, and celebrating all that life has to offer- even if it seems small.

Believe Again with O’MY Dairy-Free Gelato

The summertime season whisks us away to carefree days when life is easy, but most importantly, summer calls us to believe again. We are here to make you a believer, one spoonful at a time, and to remind you to always save room for dessert, even just a little. Or more!

Whether it’s discovering new allergy-friendly foods after a dietary diagnosis or believing again in the simplicity of ingredients to support overall health and wellness, summer is the perfect time to believe again. Go ahead and hang the hammock, grab a good book and make a batch of fresh lemonade and allow yourself to believe again. After all, life begins over again with the summer.

Joyfully Yours,

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